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Victoria (by Steph)

Victoria is the fiery one (her beautiful red mane gives it away)!   She grew up in a big family with 4 brothers and a sister!  She started the violin at the tender age of 4 and has always, maybe bar a few squabbling rehearsals and performances, loved playing with her other talented musical siblings. Here, I'm sure lie the foundations of her love for chamber music. She attended Wells Cathedral School with me. I was a newbie from Scotland.  Scared, wide eyed like a fish out of water I will never forget her opening sentence as we bonded over a Bunsen burner in science class "hi, why do you write in between the lines?" And we remained the bestest of friends ever since. This sums our Vic up perfectly, straight to the point, no messing. She was forever the little geek at school, always diligently practicing, ambitious and trying her best in every way and this fantastic quality has never died in her.  Her geekiness didn't solely apply to her violin though, some may say she has slight OCD.  But that is why we love her and why she has blossomed into the fantastic musician she is today. Her funniness counteracts her little geek streak. Her incredibly witty sense of humour and love for practical jokes has everyone in stitches.  She's kind, caring, loves dogs, chocolate croissants, Caesar salads and fairground rides. She doesn't like raw onions though!

Much love,


Honor (by Helen)

Honor is the nicest human you will ever meet.  She says sorry for everything that she does, even if she gives you a beautiful birthday present, she will give it to you and then say “sorry”!  She eats faster than anybody else in the quartet, she can clear three courses in 4 minutes! As for the violin, she’s pretty good at that! She graduated from Trinity and dived straight into Escala.  She is a regular in the recording studios around London and casually runs Marathons in her spare time. Honor is incredibly organised; she has similarities to Rainman when it comes to remembering dates, times and obscure anomalies. Honor has always had a taste for travel and adventure so being a violinist is the perfect job for her.  She also has a gorgeous nephew who lives in Oman, so she regularly hops on a plane to see him and her sister Lucy (who looks exactly like her).

Big kiss, 


Stephy (by Vic)

One of Stephy's many attributes is her ability to solve a problem. If anyone has an issue however big or small Stephy will make it her mission to fix it, this amongst a thousand other things is one of many reasons she is my best friend and wingman (I'm Vic by the way). In one way she is SO practical (she's an absolute whizz with a needle and thread) and in others umm not so much... she recently turned up to the airport without her viola! Stephy is a gorgeous mixture of Italian and Scottish. She grew up playing the violin from the wee age of 8. She has a younger sister Nicola who also plays the violin and says that Steph was such a big inspiration as an older sister and a violinist. Stephy is the most natural musician ever and has an incredible amount of knowledge and creativity. When we're rehearsing she comes up with a solution (there's the problem fixer in her!) and has become chief choreographer in the group! We bonded in a science class (she tells the story better in my biog) and we've literally grown up side by side at Wells Cathedral School and then at Royal College of Music together. We also lived together for 9 years! Stephy is an amazing artist, she recently drew 3 elephants (a mild obsession of mine) for my son George, her Godson just like that. She is the most caring, kind thoughtful lovely person and I'm welling up just writing this. She adores wildlife and animals and in particular her gorgeous dog Bert, she loves spaghetti (the Italian in her) and absolutely hates coriander.

Love you,


Helen (by Honor)

Our Cornish cellist is an avid horse rider and a lover of the outdoors and all things equestrian; Helen is a true country girl at heart.  She has a house rabbit which has accompanied her throughout her London life, to remind her of the countryside! Helen is an all round talent. As well as playing the cello, she is a very talented pianist, a gym devotee, a nifty netball player, ballerina, dancer and even a film producer! She produced the Cornish Cowboy, a short documentary film about horse training, which premiered at The Cannes Film Festival, and she is currently writing and producing a sitcom. Helen is a loving auntie to nine gorgeous little nieces and nephews and likes to divide her time between London and Cornwall, where her family and four horses live.

With love,

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